Library & Documentation Cell 

The SCERT Mizoram has a well established Library. The Library has acquired latest books an education published in India and abroad, since its inception in 1980.

 It also subscribes Educational journals for latest information in the field of education.

 It is estimated that 75% of books available are on education and related to education and the remaining 25% on other subjects. Library has also books published by SCERT and NCERT.

The library has also volumes of Annual Report starting from its year of inception i.e. 1980

1. Library Collection

 i) Books - 21108

 ii) Journals - 13

 iii) Newspapers - 8 

2. Library Users :

 1) Director, Officers and Staff of SCERT.

 2) B.Ed. Students (Hearing Impairment & Visual Impairment) 

 3) Trainees who attend training programmes avail the library facilities. PH.D, M.Phil(Edn) and M.Ed students use this library occasionally

 4) Interested Primary and Secondary School Teachers.

 5) It also provides reference to prepare various educational reference books. Dictionaries available in the library are also helpful for Translation work.

 6) Government Educational news which are published in the local papers are cut and filed for ready reference.

3. Working Hours : The Library opens on all working days from 9:00 to 5:00pm. The members of readers and users visiting the Library.

4. Scheme of Book Classification : DDC 19th Edition (Dewey Decimal Classification) is followed for systematic classification of library books and other reading materials.

5.  Furniture & Equipment :

  a) Bookshelves/Steel book case 

 b) Steel Almirah

 c) Reading Chairs

 d) Reading Tables

 e) Computer (Linked with Internet)

6. Record maintained 

 a) Accession Register

 b) Visitor's Register

 Besides all these the precious reading materials should be tended and handled with proper care.

Contact Officer

Ms. Lalmuanzovi i/c Library