Environmental Orientation to School Education (EOSE) :


                       Environmental Orientation to School Education (EOSE) has its roots in the National Policy on Education 1986 which states that - ‘protection of the environment is a value which along with certain other values must form an integral part of curriculum at all stages of education.’ Thus, Environmental Education is a global subject and environmental awareness is now a very urgent issue everyone is confronted with. The world is exerting itself to tackle the problems posed by the misuse of the environment.  As a result, the EOSE was launched in Mizoram during 1988 - 89.


  Objectives  of the scheme are  -

  1. Preparation of text books and instructional materials (print and non-print) to be used at the school level.
  2. Preparation and review of curriculum to make it local-specific.
  3. Preparation of slides, audio-tapes, video-tapes, film on environment conservation.
  4.  Preparation of general informative booklets, brochures and posters etc. on environment history and culture.
  5. Creating environmental awareness among the community.
  6.  Sensitizing teachers on environmental issues for their personal development