The State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT) was established in 20th January, 1980 with an Officer on Special Duty (OSD) as the head of the Wing. Later, the OSD is given a status of Deputy Director, which was again upgraded to Joint Director in 1989. The SCERT is accommodated in its own building which was completed in 1989 and inaugurated in 2nd February, 1990 by the then Education Minister.

The SCERT is an academic wing of the Department of School Education. It deals with the academic aspects of different levels of education like Primary Education, Secondary Education, Teacher Education, In-service orientation programmes, and continuing education. It also concerned with the Curriculum and Textbook development, Science Promotion, Vocational Education, Special Education, Social Sciences & Humanities, Computers and Information Technology and Educational Research.

There are two chief domains  (i)  Training and  (ii)  Research, Educational Training relates to providing extension and in-service training programmes to teachers, teacher educators, educational supervisors and educational administrators like CEO, DEO, SDEO and Headmasters and Principals of High Schools & Higher Secondary Schools. SCERT Mizoram undertook a few research work since funds for conducting research are not provided adequately by the State Government.

Now a separate building was constructed to house an Educational Technology Studio which was inaugurated by the Chief minister of Mizoram on 20th January, 2005 to commemorate SCERT’s Silver Jubilee and the building itself is also given the name “Silver Jubilee Building”.

At the Silver Jubilee Building, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) along with the Ministry of Human Resource Development, has provided for a full set up of EDUSAT facilities. The EDUSAT facilities includes the Teaching End Studio with complete set of equipments  including UPS, computer servers etc. the equipments for the Hub and also Dish Antennas. These facilities will be used to provide educational programme and video conferencing activities between the Hub (Teaching End Studio) and 50 other Satellite Interactive Terminals (SITS) located in different parts of the state.