The Educational Technology (ET) Cell at SCERT, Mizoram had been established in 1984 to be one of the agents of change for different educational programmes and schemes in bringing about qualitative and quantitative improvement in the formal as well as non-formal sectors of education. As per guidelines laid down by the Central Government, the two schemes of Educational Technology (ET) and Computer Literacy & Studies in Schools (CLASS) Project were amalgamated into a composite schemes of Information & Communication Technology (ICT) in Schools Scheme w.e.f.9.3.2004 vide Governments’ Notification No.B.12019/34/2004-EDN dated 9.3.2004.

EDUSAT functions under the guidance and direction of the ICT wing with 2 officers and 2 personnel at its disposal. The installation work of EDUSAT equipment at the HUB in the SCERT is in progress. All the technical equipment required at EDUSAT HUB are provided by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) in collaboration with Development of Educational and Communication Unit (DECU), Ahmedabad.

EDUSAT started functioning since 2017 after  the installation work at the HUB at SCERT and SITs were completed. The Mizoram EDUSAT Network has a total of 50 Satellite Interactive Terminals (SITs) located at various locations in Mizoram. These institutions include IASE, 8 DIETs, Higher Secondary Schools and High Schools across the state.

The New Education Policy 2020 gives immense importance to technology highlighting the possibility of transforming the entire nation into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy. The ICT Division is responsible and obliged to implement all the programmes brought forward by Central Institute of Educational Technology (CIET), on institute under National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) which aims to promote educational technologies viz. Radio, Television, Satellite and internet communications, and  more recently on Artificial lntelligence, Machine learning, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

The ICT Division is responsible for implementing activities including-

- Educational Television programme of Doordarshan Kendra - Content Creation for DIKSHA to generate audio-visual teaching learning materials on all chapters of the textbooks on all subjects. 

- Prepare contents for the two existing PM eVIDYA DTH TV Channels which is telecast 24x7

- Provide training to teachers on the use of technology for learning. 

- Successful implementation of the experiential learning centre- Virtual lab of SCERT. 

- Successful implementation of NISHTHA training in the State through DIKSHA Portal of SCERT, Mizoram

Programmes and Actitivties under ICT during 2023-2024


Name of Programme



Develop eContent for  PMeVIDYA  DTH TV Channel

16th & 31th May, 2023


Workshop to Review eContent on EVS and Mizo subjects for  PMeVIDYA  DTH TV Channel

24th - 31st May, 2023 


Develop eContent for  PMeVIDYA  DTH TV Channel (EVS and Mizo)

19th - 28th June, 2023


Workshop to Translate and Edit eContents prepared by CIET for  PMeVIDYA  DTH TV Channel

19th  - 30th June,2023


Workshop to Record translated eContents prepared by C|ET for  PMeVIDYA  DTH TV Channel

4th - 14tn Jvly,2023


Training on Handling of Virtual Lab26th July, 2023


Launch of Virtual Lab
29th July, 2023

Record Translated eContents prepared by CIET for PMeVIDYA DTH TV Channel

9th - 18th August,2023

Training on ICT Integrated Learning for Middle School Teachers

12th- 21st September, 2023

Essay writing competition for all students of DIETs and SCERT under Meri Maati Meri Desh (MMMD)

26th - 29th September, 2023


Workshop to Develop eContent for PMeVIDYA DTH TV Channel for Middle School Section

4th - 13th October,2023

Workshop for "Uploading of Competency Based Assessment ltems for Classes I to Vlll on DIKSHA Portal"

l6th - 20th October,2023

Workshop for  "Creation of Contents for EVS Classes lV & V"

21st - 30th November, 2023

District Empowerment of DIET Level through DIKSHA Portal

15th February, 2024

Contact Officers

Ms. Lalnunsiami, Deputy Director

Ms. Dr. C. Lalrozami, Programme Coordinator