Population/Adolescence Education Programme

SCERT has been implementing Population Education Programme since 1984 and School AIDS Education Programme since 1998 with MSACS. The population Education programme aimed at integration of population concerns at all levels of School Education and Teacher Education Programme. Specially it aims at as available programmes. The Adolescence Education Programme as one of the components of Population Education is adopted by the Central Government in 2005 as a Programme for targeting Adolescence students. The Programme is implemented by using Co-Curricular methods with activities such as –

  1. Role Play
  2. Debate
  3. Quiz
  4. Question Box Activity
  5. Value Clarrification
  6. Essay
  7. Teacher Counselling
  8. Painting
  9. Poster Competition
  10. Group Discussion

Objectives of Population / Adolescence Education Programme :

  1. Imparting scientific accurate and reliable knowledge about the process of Growing Up, HIV/AIDS and Drug Abuse.
  2. To provide young people with accurate, age appropriate and culturally relevant information,promote healthy attitudes and develop skills to enable them to respond to real-life situations effectively.
  3. To enable Adolescents to aticulate their issuesand know their rights, counter shame and fear, built up self-esteem and self- confidence and develop ability to take responsibility for self rela-tionship,society around them.
  4. To empower young people through participation,process-oriented, non-judgemental approaches that build on the experiences of learners and provide them with aportunities to think critically,analyze and infer learning rather than being prescriptive.

Programmes :

1. Population and sustainable development

2. Gender equality and empowerment of women

3. Adolescence Education

4. Family Education and Quality of life.

5. Health, Nutrition and Education – Population change

6. Population distribution and migration

7. Environment and population – interrelation

Calendar for the year :

1. Material development :

1. Translation and adaptation ofresource materials on Adolescence Education Programme

2. Quiz books on Adolescence health issues for Upper Primary and Secondary Schools

2 Advocacy:

1. Inter-active meetings with RMSA officials on Population Education and Adolescsnce Education Programme.

2. Inter-active meetings with faculties of IASE on Population/ Adolescence Education.

3. Advocacy meetings with leaders of Church Youth Fellowship.

4. Advocacy meeting with Leaders of Young Mizo Association (NGO)

3. Training :

1. Training of Key resource persons for RMSA

2. Orientation training for textbook writers.

4. Co-Curricular Activities :

1. Quiz comprtition on Adolescence health issues on Doordharshan Kendra and Local channel TVs

2. Observance of world population day

3. Organisation of Role Play and Folf Dance Competition

5. Research and Evaluation :

1. Status study on NPEP in Mizoram

2. Content Analysis of text books

3. Collection of data on impact study on Role Play activity.

6. Monitoring :

1. Monitoring visits to schools

2. State core committee meeting

Contact Officers :
1. Lalthanfela Project Coordinator - 9436152161

2. Zozikpuii Lecturer - 9774955014

3. Vanlalruati Lecturer - 8729822736

4. H. Thanzuala Asst. Project Coordinator - 9862363488