Teacher Education & Extension Service Teacher Education and Extension Services Wing Teacher Education and Extension Services wing aims at bringing about qualitative improvement in the school system, emphasizing on Teacher Education in the State. It attaches high importance to the teachers recognizing the special role played by them in shaping and engineering the society. It is therefore concerned about the need to have a qualified, trained and dedicated teachers and supplementing this deficiency by organizing orientation and training programmes.

Main task of Teacher Education Wing

1.  6 Months Certificate Course in ECCE for Primary School Teachers.

2. To organise in-service training programmes for teachers and teacher educators.

3. To implement new educational policies and programmes.

4. To undertake experimental improvement projects and innovative practices.

5. To impart guidance and coordinate with DIETs the State.

6. To develop teaching-learning materials for teachers.

Activities/achievement of Teacher Education

1. Short Term Training of Principals/Headmasters of all the stages of school i.e. Primary to Higher Secondary School on CPD.

2. Training of the faculty of DIETs on different National & State Level Educational Policies and Programmes Pedagogy, etc.

3. Training of Resource Persons, BRCC, CRCC on different National and State level Educational Policies and Programmes.

4. Development of  Teaching Learning Materials(TLM) for Pre-School and common curriculum for Pre-School

5. Preparation of Annual Work Plan (AWP) & Budget for Teacher Education,  Samagra Shiksha, Mizoram.

6. Preparation of Training Modules and materials for teacher educators and teachers

7. Development of Holistic Progress Card (HPC)

8. Development of National Curriculum Frame Work (NCF) for Foundational Stage

9. Development of  National Curriculum Frame Work (NCF) for School Education.


Department of Teacher Education and Extension Services covered:

i) Teacher Education

ii) Extension Services - National Institute of Educational Planning and Administration (NIEPA), National Council of Educational Research & Training (NCERT), etc.

iii) District Institute of Education and Training (DIETs)

iv)  Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE)

v)  Research

vi) Development and Evaluation of Curriculum & Text Book

Materials Developed under ECCE/FLN by SCERT

1. Certificate Course in ECCE-Teacher's Manual - (Mizo)

2. Pre-School Curriculum for Mizoram - (Mizo)

3. Zirna Kailawn  (Vidya Pravesh) for Class - I  (Mizo)

4. Pre-School Source Book - (Mizo)

5. Pre-School-a tih tur te (Activity Book)  (Mizo)

6. School Readiness (for Balvatika) (Mizo) 

7. Nambar Bu - Pre-School Textbook

8. Zirtirh Bu - Pre-School Textbook

9. First Step - 1 (for Kg I) (English)

10. First Step - 2 (For Kg II (English)

11. Pre-Number -1 (for Kg I) (English)

12. Pre-Number -2 (for Kg II) (English) 

13. Minimum Specification for Pre-School of Mizoram (Mizo)

14. Pre-School APP (Not yet Completed)

15. Learning outcomes (Translated) for Classes I-VIII (even made for Class wise, Subject wiese, Topic wise)


List of Officers/Contact Persons

1. Dr. Lalduhawmi Thomte, Jt. Director  -  (0389) 2343200

2. Ms . Zoramthangi Ralte Deputy Director, 

3. Ms. Cecillia K. Lalremruati 

4. Ms. Ruth Rosangpuii