Teacher Education & Extension Service Teacher Education and Extension Services Wing Teacher Education and Extension Services wing aims at bringing about qualitative improvement in the school system, emphasizing on Teacher Education in the State. It attaches high importance to the teachers recognizing the special role played by them in shaping and engineering the society. It is therefore concerned about the need to have a qualified, trained and dedicated teachers and supplementing this deficiency by organizing orientation and training programmes.

Main task of Teacher Education Wing

1. To organise in-service training programmes for teachers and teacher educators.

2. To implement new educational policies and programmes.

3. To undertake experimental improvement projects and innovative practices.

4. To impart guidance and coordinate with DIETs the State.

5. To develop teaching-learning materials for teachers.

Activities/achievement of Teacher Education

1. Training of Principals/Headmasters of all the stages of school i.e. Primary to Higher Secondary School on Comprehensive and Continuous Evaluation.

2. Training of the faculty of DIETs on Comprehensive and Continuous Evaluation.

3. Training of implementation of CCE for subject specific Resource persons, BRCC, CRCC for Aizawl District SSA Mission

4. Development of Activity Book for Pre-School and common curriculum for Pre-School

5. Development and Production of Educational Toy-Kit for Pre-Schools.

6. Conduct of a research on “A Study into the Professional Development Needs of Teachers” in collaboration with Oxford University, U.K

7. Proposal for Upgradation of 6 District Resource Centers (DRC) into full fledged District Institute of Education and Training (DIET) was submitted to the Govt of India which was approved.

8. Proposal for construction of building at SCERT and all the 8 DIETs was submitted to the Govt. of India and was approved and the first installment amounting to Rs. 987.575 lakhs was sanctioned and received.

9. Preparation of Training materials for teacher educators

10. Preparation of CCE Calendar for Elementary stage

11. Preparation of Special Course for Classes I-VIII

12. Preparation of NTS & NNMS result

13. Preparation of Sessional Work Plan for both Mizo and English Medium Elementary Schools

14. Research on “A Study on the Behaviour Control Techniques in the schools”

15. Revision of Source Book on CCE and Preparation of CCE Progress Report Card

16. Review of existing text books of Elementary Stage

17. Preparation of need based quality training programme and strategic action plan to clear backlog of untrained teachers.

18. Training on Question Setting Technique organized by SCERT in collaboration with NCERT

19. Preparation of Special Course Training Module/ Academic Package

20. Preparation of Guidelines and Syllabus for TET in Mizoram

21. Visit to SCERTs, DIETs and elementary schools of Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka

22. Visit to the existing DIETs and newly upgraded DIETs of Mizoram.

23. Translation of CCE Examplar Package in Mizo

24. Research on “An in depth study of Elementary Mizo text books”.


Department of Teacher Education and Extension Services covered:

i) Teacher Education

ii) Extension Services - National University of Educational Planning and Administration (NUEPA), Natinal Council of Educational Research & Training (NCERT), North Eastern Regional Institute of Education (NERIE), etc.

iii) District Institute of Education and Training (DIETs)

iv)  Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE)

v) National Talent Search (NTS)

vi)  Research

vii) Development and Evaluation of Curriculum & Text Book

viii) Minimum Level of Learning (MLL)

ix) Continous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE)


List of Officers/Contact Persons

1. Pi A.Lalchhandami Jt. Director {mob-9436151605}

2. Pi Zoramthangi Ralte Deputy Director, 9612644113

3. Cecillia K. Lalremruati {mob 9862303069}

4. Ruth Rosangpuii {mob-9862312965}