1.  Pu PC Vanlalruata Tutor and Pu H.T. Vanlalremruata Teacher (MISE) visited  DIET Practising School, Chaltlang to act as Resource Persons in observation of Reading Festivals on  7th June, 2024.
  2. Dr. Lalduhawmi Thomte, Joint Director, Ms. Ruth Rosangpuii Lecturer and Ms. Lalremmawii ASEO visited Govt. L. Buana Model Primary School, Chhinga Veng on matters regarding ECCE on 5th June, 2024.
  3. Workshop to final proof-read State Curriculum Framework for the Foundational Stage was held from 4th—7th June, 2024 at the Seminar Hall of SCERT.
  4. 4-Day Workshop to tabulate research questionnaire on ‘To Study the Reasons of Substance Abuse among Adolescents of Mizoram’ from 18th—21st June, 2024 at the Committee Room, SCERT.
  5.   Final Contact Programme for 6-Month Certificate Course in English Language Teaching (ELT) was held during 25th—28th June, 2024 at the Conference Hall, SCERT.
  6.  Training of Master Trainers on Holistic Progress Card (HPC) for foundational Stage ni 11 - 12 June 2024 neih mek a ni
  7.  Training of Master Trainers (DIETs & BRC Coordinators) on Foundational Literacy and Numeracy 13th-14th June 2024
  8. Workshop to edit translated and contextualized guidebook for volunteers Magdarshika was held during 19th—21st June, 2024
  9.  Workshop to edit contextualized English version of ULLASS was held during 19th—21st June, 2024.