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No.A.20016/1/2018-DTE(SCERT)                                                                         8thApril , 2022





                        Date               :           5th April, 2022

                        Venue           :           Seminar Hall, SCERT

                        Time               :           10:30 AM



A weekly meeting of Officers of SCERT chaired by Pi Laldawngliani Chawngthu, Director, SCERT was held on 5th April, 2022 at 10:30 AM in the Seminar Hall, SCERT.

At the outset of the meeting, the Director welcomed members and commended the good attendance of the first meeting held after a long disruption in the normal schedule brought on by the pandemic lockdown. She also advised members to rededicate themselves to service and continue maintaining regularity and punctuality as normalcy has resumed in the state of affairs.

The Director also informed members of the Vidya Pravesh document under the Foundational Literacy & Numeracy Mission have been translated into Mizo language and the nomenclature Vidya Pravesh is termed as Zirna Kailawn in Mizo language and it is to be used from the current academic session i.e 2022-23. She also advised that all members give their best effort as stakeholders in the implementation and for success of the national programmes and visions under the country’s education policy. 



Upon invitation by the Director, the following reports on recent Programmes and activities were given by the concerned officers:

  1. Foundational Literacy & Numeracy (FLN) – Dr.A.Lalchhandami Fanai, Joint Director reported that the State level core team under the FLN mission was formed in the year 2021. However further actions could not be taken due to inconveniences caused by the COVID pandemic. Training of primary school Headmasters and teachers on Vidya Pravesh module (ZirnaKailawn) is to be organized from 7th – 11th April, 2022 in the Auditorium of the SCERT as an initial step in implementation of the programme in the state. The officer explained that the training is of extreme importance since majority of the Government primary schools in the state do not have Pre schools, Zirna Kailawn to be implemented during the first three months of Class-1 would be of great help to teachers as well as students in preparing and building readiness in students for formal schooling. The officer also reported that teaching-learning materials for ECCE and FLN have been prepared and are presently being printed.


  1. ZIRNA KAILAWN – Pi Lalduhawmi Thomte, Deputy Director explained that ZIRNA KAILAWN is prepared as   a 3- month Play based Pedagogy containing 88 activities and is meant for Class 1 students.  The document is based on the Guidelines of Vidya Pravesh developed by the NCERT and covers all the three Developmental Goals under the Preschool Curriculum. Printing of the document is presently being done after which it will be disseminated to all government primary schools for use from the current academic session.


  1. Training on ZIRNA KAILAWN under FLN Programme – Pi Zoramthangi Ralte, Deputy Director reported that in compliance to request of Director, School Education Department, training of Primary School teachers for Aizawl district on Zirna Kailawn is to be organized by the SCERT from 7th – 11th April, 2022 in the Auditorium of SCERT. She further informed members that 1 Headmaster and 1 teacher from each primary school of the district are to attend the training and the inaugural function of which will be graced by the Commissioner  & Secretary, School Education Department, Govt.of Mizoram.


  1. Foundational Learning Study (FLS) for Class – III, 2022 – Pu PC VanlalruataTutor reported that the first phase of FLS was conducted in all the 8 districts of the state during 23rd-26th March, 2022. Out of the total target of 1560 students from the total of 156 sample schools across the state, 1336 students were covered in this first phase. These sample schools comprises both Government schools and Private Unaided Recognised schools. The second phase of the survey for the remaining 498 students is to be conducted in 37 schools within Aizawl, Kolasib, Serchhip and Mamit districts from 6th April, 2022.


  1. Textbooks – Pi Zohmingliani, Joint Director reported on the present status of Textbook in terms of those that have arrived from print in Delhi, and the number of copies printed and available in the local market for purchase. The officer informed that out of the total of 97 textbooks for classes I-VIII, 22 books have arrived while the rest are being awaited and expected to arrive soon.

It was also reported that three new categories of textbooks have been prepared by the SCERT viz. Hmar Textbooks for primary level for Sinlung Hills Council (SHC)., Large Print textbooks for Classes I-VIII and Mizo Supplementary Reader for classes VI,VIII& VIII for use from the current academic session (2022-23).

  1. B.Ed.Special Education – Pu Rorelkima, SEO & Prog. Coordinatorreported that inspection of the SCERT B.Ed.Spl.Edn. Institution by the inspection team from Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI) was successfully conducted on
    8th March, 2022. He also informed members that the B.Ed.Spl.Edn.classes in offline mode is to start from 5th April for the 2nd& 4th Semester students.


  1. NISHTHA – Dr. C.Lalrozami, Programme Coordinator reported that NISHTHA  2.0 for Secondary school teachers that was launched on 1st August, 2021 for 12 courses was completed in November,2021. FLN (3.0) for preschool & Primary school teachers for 12 courses launched on 1st September, 2021 was completed on 31st March,2022. She also informed members that all the courses were reopened in the month of December 2021 & January 2022. The officer stated that the NISHTHA FLN course is offered in 11 Indian regional languages viz. English, Hindi, Urdu, Assamese, Kannada, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi,Telegu, Odia and Mizo.


  1. Certificate Course in Guidance and Counselling – Pi Caroline Zoramthangi, Deputy Director reported that external examination for the first batch of trainees is completed but results have not been declared yet. Informing members on the details of the course, she explained that classes in online mode was conducted for 3 months in the evening between 7:00-9:00 Pm by the 9 Resource persons. Practicum classes in online mode was also conducted for 2 months and 1 month for Internship. She also informed that classes for the 2nd batch of trainees is expected to commence soon and that training module for the course has been prepared and is ready for print.


  1. Certificate Course in Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) – Pi Ruth Rosangpuii, Lecturer reported that classes for the 2nd batch of trainees under the 6 month Certificate Course was started from 2nd September, 2021 through online mode. External examination for the first phase of the course was conducted during the month of December. She reported that examination for 2nd phase along with submission and presentation of report for project work by the trainees which is included in the course is expected to be completed by the month of May, 2022.


  1. Certificate Course in English Language Teaching (ELT) - Pu PC VanlalruataTutor reported that training for the first batch for Middle school teachers has been completed. The second batch meant for High school teachers of Aizawl, Serchhip and Kolasib for 3 months is being conducted and final contact programme for the batch in offline mode is expected to be conducted soon. The officer also reported that training module for the course is prepared and has been submitted for print.


  1. School Leadership Academy (SLA) – Pi Lianhlupuii Hnamte, Lecturer reported that programme for training of school Headmasters is available in the NCSL website. Those Headmasters who complete this programme are eligible to receive Certificates. She also stated that it is fortunate and a matter of pride for the SCERT that Mizo language is among the only 8 regional languages in which this training programme is available on the website. This, she said, is due to the cooperation and hard work of the SCERT faculty in translating the modules and all necessary resource materials.


The officer informed members that so far 29 school Headmasters have successfully completed the said programme.


The meeting ended at 11:30 Am.



  Sd/-CICILIA K.LALREMRUATI                                  Sd/-LALDAWNGLIANI CHAWNGTHU

         Recording Secretary                                                            Director, SCERT

                                                                                              School Education Department

                                                                                                          Govt. of Mizoram


Memo No.A.20016/1/2018-DTE(SCERT)                               8thApril, 2022