·  A 5-day online workshop to develop syllabus for a 6-Month Certificate Course in Guidance and Counselling  during 2nd - 6th August 2021

           He 6-month Certificate Course hi naupang te an thanlenna kawnga hriatna, thiamna leh rilru leh taksa hrisel tak an neih theih nan leh eizawnna kawnga hmathlir tha tak an neih theih nan Secondary School Zirtirtute training na tur Module buatsaih nan a koh a ni.

  He Module buatsaih tur hian a hnuaia Officer te hi ruat an ni.

 Convener:         Pi Laldawngliani Chawngthu— Director

 Coordinator:      Pi Caroline Zoramthangi— Deputy Director, SCERT

 Members:      1. Pi Lalrindiki Lecturer, SCERT

   2. Pi Lianhlupuii Hnamte .     Lecturer, SCERT

   3. Pi Janet Zonunmawii Lecturer, DIET Lunglei

   4. Pi Lalremsangi Govt. NE Khawdungsei, M/S-I

   5. Pi B. Lalsangpuii Mizoram Board of School Education


· Workshop to develop Training Module for Integration of Technology in Education
under ICT Cell with effect from 16th - 20th August, 2021.


Teacher Education: 

· A workshop to prepare training module for 6 month Certificate course in ECCE is scheduled to be held during 16th - 20th August 2021. 

 6 month certificate course in ECCE chu mumal zawka a kal theih nan training module tha tak buatsaih tum a ni a. Heng course topic ah te hian module siam a ni ang. Chungte chu
 1. ECCE A Perspective

 2. Child Development  

 3. Methods and materials for ECCE Programme 

 4. How Children Learn 

 5. ECCE Programmes- Planning & Management 

 6. Linkage between ECCE and Primary Education


·    A workshop to revise ECCE textbooks & Source Book is scheduled to be held during
 16th - 20th August 2021. NEP 2020 ah Balvatika hi 1 year tura a rawn duan avangin Class 1 annih hma a an zir tur textbook hi duan that tur a ni a chumi atan chuan he workshop hi koh a ni.


·    A workshop to finalize Syllabus for 6 month Certificate Course in ECCE held on 12th
 August 2021.

 6 month certificate course in ECE chu covid avanga harsatna hrang hrang kan tawh tak avangin leh kalkhawma face to face a course duan anga kalpui a nih theih tak loh avangin syllabus ennawn hi a ngai a, online a training conduct fo te a ngaih avangin chumi zulzui chuan her danglam hret a tul a,  chumi siam rem tur chuan he workshop hi koh a ni.

·   A Workshop to develop Training Module for 6– month Certificate Course in English
 Language Teaching
 during 11th—13th August, 2021 in the Seminar Room, SCERT.

             Members :

             1. Pi Laldawngliani Chawngthu— Director

             2. Pi Lalduhawmi Thomte—Dy. Director

             3. Pi Zoramthangi Ralte— Tutor

             4. Pi Lalnunsiami—Lecturer

             5. Pu PC Vanlalruata Tutor

             6. Pu HT. Vanlalremruata—Teacher, MISE


·   A Workshop to develop Three-month Play-based School Prepartion Module for Class I based on Vidya Pravesh during 16-20 August, 2021

 1. Coordinator— Pi Laldawngliani Chawngthu Director

 2. Pi Lalduhawmi Thomte, Dy. Director 

  – Language and Literacy Skills & Month Wise  Assessment format

 3. Pu F. Lalliansanga, Science Consultant

  —Numeracy, Environmental Awareness and Scientific thinking.

 4. Pu PC. Lalrintluanga, Science Consultant 

  — Numeracy, Environmental Awareness and Scientific thinking. Free Play,
         Outdoor Play  (Gross Motor)

 Technical Assistance

 1. Pu K. Lalhnazira Computer Operator

 2. Pu T. Lalmuanawma, Office Assistant


· A 10-Day Workshop to Develop Online Training Module in Guidance & Counseling during 16th-27lh August, 2021. He Module hi Zirtirtuten Counselling & Guidance Skill an neih theih nana hmanraw pawimawh tak a ni.

 Convener      :      Pi Laldawngliani Chawngthu, Director, SCERT 

 Coordinator :      Dr. A,Lalchhandami,  - Joint Director, SCERT

 Members:      1. Pi Caroline Zoramthangi,  - Deputy Director, SCERT

  2. Dr.Lalthansangi — Associate Professor (RtcL)Govt. Aizawl College

  3. Pi Zothanmawii — Joint Director (Rtd.), SCERT, Venghlui, Aizawl

  4. Dr Lalmuanzuali — Associate Professor, Dept. of Education, M.Z.U.

  5. Dr Lalhriatpuii — Associate Professor, Dept. of Education, M.Z.U.

  6. Pu R.Zothanliana — Asst. Professor, Deptt. of Education, M.Z.U.

  7. Pi Janet Zonunmawii — Lecturer, DIET, Lunglei

  8. Pi Lianhlupuiii Hnamte — Lecturer, SCERT

  9. Pi Lalrindiki — Lecturer  SCERT

  10. Pi Lalremsangi, — Teacher,  Govt. M/S, Khawdungsei

  11. Pi B.Lalsangpuii — Ramthar Veng, Aizawl

POPULATION EDUCATION CELL : 3-Day Workshop to develop Leaflet on Coping with
 from 16th—18th August, 2021 at SCERT Committee Room, SCERT 

             The following Officers attended the Workshop

             1. Ms. Laldawngliani Chawngthu—Director

             2. Ms. Lalduhawmi Thomte— Dy. Director

             3. Ms. Laldampuii— Project Coordinator

             4. Ms. Zozikpuii— Lecturer